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  • Triangles, Peaks and Gold

    Fondazione Prada, Milano, 02/2017

  • The Descent

    Milano, City Life , 02/2017

  • Fondazione Prada, Milano – 02/2017

  • The Factory

    Sometimes it gets hard to accept – for us, photographers – that not everything could be "shoot". Some people, in my neighborhood, took this term as bad as it can be, even if in italian the term has not the double meaning like the english term. People here can be jealous even of their decaying factory. I was able to shoot it only from outside. So sorry the owner didn't let me shoot inside, I was sorry because this type of episodes let me loose a little bit of passion for the thing that I love to do: shooting decaying places and doing street photography.

  • Anchors

  • Customer Service

  • The Black Cat

    In Favara, a little city near Agrigento, in Sicily, there is an entire old district converted to an open air artistic gallery. It's called Farm Cultural Park, and even outside the area where the park is situated, paintings and art spread free on doors, walls, and even on the shops rolling shutters. Arts and ideas litterally have "polluted" the entire village and it now live another "new" life.

  • The Guardian

  • Thirst

    Summer is on it's way... This shot was while testing my Helios 44-M while doing videos. It's true that the best camera is the one you have with you

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